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Our catalog of tests reserved for human resources professionals meet your needs for recruitment, evaluation of personality, professional skills, detection potential and talent management.

Since 30 years Sigmund is a specialist in psychological and personality tests for recruitment,skills assessment,management and talent development.

Simple and effective tests :

Our software is designed for human resources professionals gives you a quick start and intuititive in a few minutes.

Our tests can be taken and used online from any computer, tablet or phone connected to the internet.

At the end of the test, you get instant access to clear,explicit and easy to use conducting qualitative interviews and facilitate your decisions.

Solutions of adapted assessment :
Our assessment tests are used for recruitement and all evaluation needs of human resources career Management,internal mobility,audit team,skills development,detention of potential risk assessment,annual assessment...

Our tests are reliable and objective in order to optimize your interviews and reliability of your decision.

We support you in your assessments with the most comprehensive on the market of tests. We also offer training in the interpretation of results and the use of tests to optimize interviews techniques. Finally,our advise you in choosing and customizing tests and creating our business standards.

Validated tests :
With one a million realized tests, Sigmund is a world leader in the tests for human resources professionals. All our psychometrict tests are constructed with a rigorous approach based on a scientific methodology that we have improved throughout the last 30 years.All our tests are the subject of standardized work,validity and reliability. Our tests are validated and standardized translated in more than 30 countries.

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